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Who we are

Community Farmers Markets (CFM) came from an idea to establish an umbrella organisation for independent market organisers and operators as a way to develop supportive relationships, share knowledge and provide information.


Established from a long working relationship between Don Linke and Tim Walsh who operate two markets independently and two others in partnership, all of which have successfully established strong and profitable community relationships, CFM was seen as a way to centralise contact and knowledge and provide a template for others if they wanted to replicate the business model.


Farmers Markets have been the quiet achievers in recent years with their number and frequency growing, as more and more people choose to buy their food from local and regional providers in a vibrant market atmosphere where they can meet, talk to and develop relationships with the makers and growers. More and more communities are embracing farmers market as the benefits of improved health and social cohesion become more desirable.


Farmers Markets allow communities access to the producers and providers of what they eat, allow them to reclaim unused space, to gather in informal surroundings, to educate themselves about food use and sustainable sources, to be part of an ethical food loop and to raise awareness for local groups who need to raise funds or awareness of their schools, clubs or organisations.


The independent market operators are often the facilitators in this relationship and CFM was seen as a way to support and empower them.


Community Farmers Markets strongly supports the aims and philosophy of the Victorian Farmers Market Association.


For more information please call

0407 411 198 - Don

0400 221 266 - Tim


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